Album Festi Maltin u Għawdxin No 2

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<div class="_2cuy _3dgx _2vxa">Feasts have long been a strong tradition that captures the interest of many Maltese people. Just as with other traditions, over the years feasts have changed and will continue to change for better or worse.</div>
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<div class="_2cuy _3dgx _2vxa">We wanted to develop a sticker album that captures the essence of the traditional Maltese feast as is being celebrated right now in Malta and Gozo, so that in the future we can look back to what we had. Our aim was to develop a collectible item that has this popular Maltese tradition at heart, lest we loose it in times to come.</div><br />
<div class="_2cuy _3dgx _2vxa">The Sticker Album Festi Maltin u Għawdxin aims to capture a snapshot of all Maltese and Gozitan feasts over 3 albums. It aims to be a comprehensive yet concise collection of the main artifacts and experiences of every feast.</div><br />
<div class="_2cuy _3dgx _2vxa">The first sticker album that came out in November 2017 covered the first 33 Feasts celebrated in Malta. This is the second album and we published it in October 2018 and covered almost all of the feasts celebrated in Gozo and the third quarter of the feasts celebrated in Malta. The third and final Album that will come out in October-November 2019 will cover the rest of the Feasts in Malta and Gozo to complete the whole collection.</div><br />
<div class="_2cuy _3dgx _2vxa">One day, and may that day never come, this collection will be priceless.</div>